Wednesday, 12 October 2016

A Thought Experiment Regarding the Existence of Time

Some people propose that the notion of time is completely psychological and is not intrinsic to the Universe. While others say it is intrinsic to the Universe. I'm on no ones side. But I've come up with a thought experiment that might be useful.

It goes like this:

If we simulate the laws of physics and the Universe from the big bang on a very powerful computer with certain initial conditions. According to current laws of physics it would it take  years for this universe to die and another to born. Now, how much time would the computer simulation take?

Since it is an imaginary computer with such power that it takes no time in performing astronomically complex calculations. Shouldn't it complete all tasks in ZERO time? That universe will die in no time.

A program like this would terminate in no time:

This program will terminate in no time. The only time it takes is the for the processor to perform calculations, Which for our imaginary computer takes no time.

When programmers come across these problems they add another line to pause the program at every iteration to dumb down the flow to the level of 'human perception'.

A delay is called to pause the program for given milliseconds. This program will now wait for 1 second at every iteration.

Now the point is: Does the Universe have this delay() intrinsically? or is it intrinsic to human perception only?

Lets discuss below!

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Everything Wrong With Math Education

"I hate math!", "Math sucks!", "Math is useless!", "Why am I doing this?!"

Who hasn't ever heard any of them? Math hatred is popular. But why? Why do people hate math? Is it hard? Is the ability to do math genetic? If you hate math then that's because you don't know what math is. Ever wondered what math actually is? That's a pretty weird question.(Weird questions are the best.) ain't it? Mathematics is probably the most beautiful abstraction you'll ever find in your life.(Abstraction?).

The reason someone hate math is their teacher(Why do we even call them teachers?). They teach you a way to solve the problem. Math isn't an mechanical procedural one way trick to solve problems. It's a creative and logical approach to solve problems. Most teachers are the product of the same flawed system, Neither they do know how beautiful logic can become. Edward Frenkel put that very beautifully, He said: "Math is like art. We all have seen the great paintings of legendary people of the past but not many has ever seen the 'great paintings' of legendary mathematicians. Our education system is like teaching children how to draw a fence but has never shown those great paintings That's exactly what's happening with math. Students are never told about the great work of mathematicians. ". It's obvious that people will find math utterly useless and start hating them.

These are some most amazing equations:
-"If this does not blow your mind, then you have no emotion.", Salman Amin Khan, Founder of Khan Academy

- The beauty of flowers...

- Does that even need an explanation? Just look at it!

If your'e a math hater, Then you probably didn't understand the beauty in the first one. No worries dude. I don't expect you to understand it. I just want to let you know that you're seeing something really legendary!

Okay now what's is use? Why are we doing it?

We all have been into Newtonian mechanics. What's the most used equation in Newtonian mechanics? F = ma. But wait! What is F = ma??? An equation?? Isn't that math!?? You just used AN EQUATION to predict the trajectory of Earth around Sun? That's creepy!!! How can simple symbols predict something so different! And who hasn't ever heard E = mc^2 ? What's that??.... Math. Math is everywhere. MATH IS THE LANGGUAGE OF THE UNIVERSE. Math gives you wings. Even if you don't use it(Which you unconsciously always do) Learning math will create a wiring in your brain that didn't existed before. And this wiring is what makes you a problem solver.

Humans wouldn't survive on this planet without math. With the power of mathematics you can dive into the known and unknown Universe! You get the ultimate power of logic! Everything in this Universe (Probably other Universes too!) is completely mathematical! Even human behavior! This is why we have something like Psycholo|gic|gy.

Have your math teacher ever told you about this?

Mathematics is taught in a very vague and boring way in schools.

The reason most people hate any subject is because they got bad grades in that subject. I never got more than 33 to 35 out of 100 in my math tests until I learned what math really is and met an amazing math teacher in my coaching classes. I fell in love in math. It's amazing how elegantly it is consistent with logic. On my school graduation I scored  95/100 in math (Lost 5 marks due to time limitations. The invigilator didn't give me an additional sheet :p).

If you really want to be successful in life. Forget about marks. There quite bad at rating skills. Find beauty in math.

Truth Is Knowable and math is the way to know that. It works so well in describing reality. There's a very popular quote: "THE UNREASONABLE EFFECTIVENESS OF MATHEMATICS".


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Monday, 30 May 2016

My Views on Tanmay Bhatt roast over Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar

Most of the Indians love and deeply respect Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mageshkar and no one would ever want to insult them, but why? Why do every Indian love them? Indians are passionate about cricket and Sachin is an iconic player in the history of this game. Insulting him is a big thing. Also, talking about lata mangeshkar, she is known for her iconic voice and contributions to the music community.

But wait. Hasn't there been many more people(some even greater) who have been insulted? Remember of anyone? Why don't we raise the topic for those others? I'll take the example of Sir Issac Newton. Funny eh? Not really.

Newton is close to me. I feel bad that how people make fun of him. Everything we do traces back to his work. Newton was the discoverer of the Laws of Motion, Laws of Optics, Gravitation, Inventor of Differential and Integral Calculus and much more! His contributions to science, philosophy and alchemy was unbelievably beautiful. That guy was deeply connect to the Universe.

Now back to the joking part, Ever heard of that joke you find on Facebook? Goes something like: "I wish the whole tree instead of the apple would have fallen on him! Life would have been so easier.". How isn't that offensive? A guy who changed the world(and made your life easier, Irony ain't it?). And People say this? Why don't we take that seriously? I'll tell you why. Because he was't an Indian.

Indians are so obsessed with their culture and nationality that now I'm forced to believe this:
"Nationalism Does Nothing but Teach You to Hate People You Never Met and Take Pride in Accomplishments You Had No Part In" - Doug Stanhope

We never care for others. We think our culture is the best. We think our culture is the most pure and scientific culture. This has delusion has made us BAD. Most people don't care for Newton. But would surely be offended if someone insults Ramanujan(I love him, but not for his nationality).

What Tanmay did was not good for their fans. He imitated them in a way that would offend their fans. But Where does this feeling goes away when it's about someone of other nationality? I'm sure people wouldn't respect them so much if they weren't Indians. Not many Indians would respect them for there work if they weren't Indians... and that spoils the beauty in their fame.