Thursday, 27 April 2017

Argument: Consciousness as an abstract concept

Everything in our Universe (in principle) is explainable from the standard model of particles. The key to understand anything is to first understand the laws of nature.

So, If I were to move each of your body's atom one by one from one place to another but keep their arrangement same, would the new set be you? The answer is yes. But where was consciousness? I just placed all your atoms from one location to another. At what point was I  transferring consciousness? My answer: Conscious isn't a 'thing'. Its an abstraction that emerged from that arrangement of atoms.

What are you made up of? Cells. What are cells made of? Atoms.

When a bunch of conscious microbes get together to form a 'being'. They form a new level of consciousness. That being is a human.

But what if bunch of humans get together? They form a society. This society is made up of conscious beings we call humans. So I ask: Is the society conscious? Its completely consistent to consider a society as a being. Just like humans interact with each other, societies can interact with each other. They have different mechanisms to do what they do.

We keep listening, "USA did this" "China did this" "India did this" "Google did this". How could a nation (say usa) do something if its not conscious? You may argue its not the nation thats conscious, its it's constituents: Humans. Humans are conscious therefore it makes an illusion that nations are conscious. But what if I go even deeper and say "Humans seems conscious because their constituents are conscious. Well what are they? Microbes. Cells. They make us conscious".

Our brains are nothing more than a bunch of neurons. These neurons interact with each other. They have their mechanisms. We have ours.

The answer is all those levels are conscious. You are conscious because your constituents are conscious. Your consciousness is definitely more complex than a lower level consciousness. You can do more than bacteria. A society can do more than you.

A level 0 consciousness are the laws of nature.

Lets discuss below!

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