Friday, 2 June 2017

Sciexpel - Science experiments channel!

Hey people! I've got something different today. My friend, Apurva and I are science lovers. We love doing science experiments and argue about our Universe. My friends recently launched his YouTube channel which is all about crazy science experiments we all love!

Check out his channel at: Sciexpel

These are some of his awesome videos worth checking out:

Potassium Permanganate and Glycerin | Thermite fire | Smoking a bottle:

Two simple and useful LIFE HACKS you need to know:

Go check out his channel!


Thursday, 1 June 2017

CPU/GPU temps of your PC depends on your surface

So I've had a lenovo Y50 for about an year and I realized that I've been having really high cpu/gpu temps (thermal throttling). I decided to repaste it with arctic silver 5 and it worked flawlessly. All was good until yesterday I was playing some Rainbow 6 siege with my friends and my temps got high again!  My gpu was reaching 93 degs and was throttling! I thought it hasn't even been a week since I reapplied tp and the problem is back again. So the next day (today) I saw my temps were good again but this time I was in an AC room and was on a different surface. So I performed an experiment to figure out what the matter was:

Stress test were done using Furmark. I only noted gpu temps but cpu temps were affected in the same way.

Test 1:

Some sort of study table to use on bed

Ambient: 27 degs
GPU temps: 79 degs

Test 2:
Dining room's main table with plastic cover on
Ambient: 32 degs
GPU temps: 93 degs (Thermal throttles here. That's where I was playing R6S)

After reaching 93 degs I, for some reason, lifted my laptop. This made my temps to rush down to 82 degs. That's when I figured out there's not much to do with ambient temps and made me conduct this experiment.

Test 3:
A light plastic table
Ambient: 32degs
GPU temps: 82 degs

That's where I suspected that it's not my laptop's ventilation but the surface.

Test 4:

A table with glass base covered with some cloth and that same plastic cover as test 2
Ambient: 32 degs
GPU temps: 93 degs (Throttled again)

Now I was certain that its the plastic cover which made temps go so high.

Test 5:
Same table as test 2 but without that plastic cover
Ambient: 32 degs
GPU temps: 77 degs

Conclusion: Keeping your laptop on a table with that type of plastic cover somehow 'chokes?' the vents and makes your temps skyrocket. So, don't keep your laptop on them.

I still don't know why this happens. If you know why this happens then please comment that below.

Lets discuss below!