Friday, 22 September 2017

Automation will take all our jobs - can we avoid that?

With the recent advancements in deep learning and neural networks machines have started to reach intellectual level that have never been seen before. With that companies and has started to use automated machines instead of human employees to do their jobs cause, you know, machines are better and don't need to be paid.

"Its not 'good' that always wins, its economics." - Parmu

If this keeps on going there would be no jobs left for us! so what do we do? We could implement universal basic income in our economical systems but that is something I'm wouldn't really recommend cause if that happens, we all might become a bunch of idiots after few generations. Our complete dependency on automation mean we ourselves don't need any skill set, so we wouldn't learn them anyway.

The reason why our generations (millennium and post millennium) are so educated and are the most scientifically literate generation is not because we had some inherit curiosity. Most people take up science because it gets you a job.

So if there's no jobs left and you get paid by universal basic income then why even study anything?

This is the reason why I'm deeply worried about universal basic income.

This is what I suggest:

The reason we're unemployable is because we're weaker than machines. Our rate of improvement is way less than machines.

But what if we engineer ourselves?

Yes. I'm talking about gene editing with CRISPR/CAS9. Its hard to improve with purely natural evolution. Why not just edit our genes to be better? This way we could again be better than machines,

Ps - Elon musk's startup, Neuralink also seems a very plausible alternative to gene editing.

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